Our district is inviting us to take part in a special offering.  The district has a scholarship fund for people who are seeking to enter the pastoral or teaching ministry or serving as a Deaconess.  As we’ve learn there is a shortage of such people.  Helping them to attend school will be a blessing 

In addition, our District President, Dr. Chris Wicher, is retiring.  He has served for many years, including one extra from his planned retirement because of COVID.  

On the next two weekends we will receive a door offering after each service for the District Scholarship Fund and a gift for President Wicher.  The monies received will be split 60/40 for those two concerns.  If you want credit for your gift please use an envelope with your name, amount and envelope number on it, if you know it.  Mark it “GIFT” so the counters will know what it is for.  If you prefer to give by check put “GIFT” on the memo line.  Thank you for your generosity.