Campaign Update January 16, 2022

This morning we extend our thanks to them members of the Go! Campaign team who have led us through an incredible time.  They have devoted themselves to lots of work and the plan of helping us to go forward into our community and beyond.  They are:  Jenny Tessendorf, Kathey Drennan, John Pilecki, Cheryl Deutschlander, Gayle Hendershot, Richard Landholm, Gail Dorr Herman, Tammy Beattie, Reilly Figenscher, Glenn Banke and Roxann Muller.  They have been a wonderful blessing to our congregation and have enabled us to achieve our goal.  For some of them this will be the last time you see them standing up here as part of the campaign.  Gayle Hendershot, Richard Landholm, Gail Herman, Tammy Beattie, Glenn Banke and Roxann Muller have completed their duties for the campaign.  They have fulfilled their positions and we want to commend them for that.  The campaign is shifting in a new direction of continuing to hold out where God is going.  To help us accomplish that several members of the campaign will continue in place:  Jenny Tessendorf as our campaign director, Kathey Drennan as our prayer director, John Pilecki as our campaign coordinator and Cheryl Deutschlander as our communications director.  This morning we re-consecrate those four people but we also want to consecrate Reilly Figenscher and Tierney Bristol in a new position.  They are taking on the job of continuing to hold the campaign in front of us and help us to know what we are accomplishing through it as impact directors.  We thank these ladies for joining us in this endeavor. 

We thank everyone for their very generous response to the “Go Campaign.”  Our First Fruits offering was $203,316.33, which is almost fifty per cent of our expected commitments.  What an incredible response!  Thanks for proving that you really want to go by putting your treasure here, so that you heart can follow.  We look forward to your gifts of time and talent to follow as we go where God is calling us to go!.