Campaign Update November 7, 2021

1. Let’s have lunch at our Commitment Celebration! Sunday, November 21st, will be a day to recommit with our church family and GO! together into Good Shepherd’s future of mission and ministry. At 12:30 pm we’ll come together to celebrate over a luncheon here at church. There will be plenty of food and fellowship. For more details click here.

Then, at 2:00 pm we’ll join Habitat for Humanity for the ceremonial groundbreaking for the home we’ll be working with them to build. Just drive down to 59 Buffalo Street. You can park on the east side of the former Daily Messenger building. It will be a big day for us! For more details click here.

2.  Speaking of celebrations, after the groundbreaking, some of us will be coming back to church to finish the lunch dishes. If you’d be willing to wash or dry, please sign up on the Wittenberg Door. (It’s not glamorous work, but it’s always fun working together.)

3. Finally, our monetary goal for the campaign is $550,000. Our spiritual goal is for all of us to recommit to the mission and ministry of Good Shepherd. Let’s see how far we can go when we GO! together!